Healthcare, nutrition, sanitation and safe drinking water

The goal of Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development’s Nurture initiative is to improve the health of communities through preventive and curative measures.

Healthcare is important for every individual, as people are productive only when they have good health. In rural India, there is a dearth of quality infrastructure and medical functionaries, which leads to poor access to basic medicines and medical facilities.

There are considerable gaps in the implementation of government schemes and services; therefore there is dire need for new practices and procedures to ensure quality and timely healthcare services. Although the income of rural masses is low, they end up spending more to access basic medical facilities.

Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development has therefore designed both preventive and curative health initiatives for rural populations with a major focus on nutrition, women and child health, and sanitation.


The major problems related to nutrition in the different locations are as under:


The prevalence of malnutrition in Okhamandal is higher than that of Gujarat state. The under calorie food and high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) water is also affecting the health of people

Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, there is high prevalence of anaemia in women which results in underweight children

West Bengal

Incidence of high prevalence of malnutrition in Sutahata block

TCSRD supported treatment of the women through medicines and counseling on nutrition. TCSRD also celebrated a number of programs to create awareness on healthy diet among the target population.

TCSRD also focuses on pregnant, lactating women and newly born children. TCSRD celebrated “World Breastfeeding Day” and organized an awareness camp for 60 women. During the camp sessions were taken on importance of breastfeeding and child growth monitoring. The women were sensitized for exclusive breastfeeding of children till 6 months as it is important for healthy growth of the children.

Drinking water and sanitation

TCSRD has taken a number of measures to improve access to clean drinking water in Okhamandal and at the same time has ensured that the community including women are the managers of this resource. TCSRD has formed and build capacity of 15 Pani Samitis for management of the water resource. The samitis have developed their own governance system with defined roles and responsibilities. TCSRD in partnership with WASMO supported 450 households with safe drinking water.

Safe drinking water program

TCSRD reached out to 15,165 households during the awareness camps. During the year 1,694 households were provided affordable water purifiers at subsidized rates.

Safe drinking water program
Health care and vaccination

Health care and vaccination

TCSRD with the help of certified doctors organized 99 health OPD camps for the poor population and provided treatment support to 4,975 patients.

Balanced diet

TCSRD organized a number of counseling sessions to generate awareness about balanced diet of women during pregnancy. TCSRD also conducted various camps to identify malnourished children.

Balanced diet