TCSRD has been the leading light of change and development across regions since its very inception. And we believe that social, economic and environmental development lies at the heart of transformation. That’s why we seek to uplift and nurture those around us through a variety of interventions, the three pillars of which are Health & Wellness, Education and Drinking Water & Sanitation.

  • Education (Shiksha Maitree)
    Education is one of the most important pillars which aid our socio-economic development. It is a fundamental right of every child of the age group of 5-14 years to complete formal school education. TCSRD runs programmes and works in various rural areas across India. From high dropout rates and lack of infrastructure to use of traditional teaching methods, TCSRD aims to overcome these issues with a single-minded objective - achieving ‘zero dropout’ in the operational areas.
  • Health & Nutrition
    One of the major reasons why people slip back below the poverty line is medical expenditure by vulnerable households. It becomes imperative that TCSRD facilitates communities for better health care, nutrition, safe drinking water & better sanitation facilities. By providing preventive and where possible curative health services, TCSRD acts as a bridge between the government and the community, facilitating access to government health services wherever possible. Additionally, TCSRD also strives to fill the gap by providing preventative and curative health services to the unserved population.
  • Drinking Water & Sanitation
    Under this pillar, the interventions are guided towards promoting clean and safe drinking water and good sanitation. We help provide clean water through roof rainwater harvesting structures, repair of hand pumps, supporting households with water purifier systems through Samridhhi and Swatch Tarang Project. Behaviour change programmes, Swachh Bharat Mission Cleanliness Drives, construction of toilets and sanitation units help create good sanitation in the rural areas.
Dinesh Kumar


Name of Intervention: Drinking Water and Sanitation
Name of Beneficiary: Dinesh Kumar
Location: Bijoli, Etawah

“I came to know about the animal nutrition project of Ncourage Social Enterprise Foundation and the provision for appointment of direct dealer under the project. After understanding the procedure of becoming a direct dealer, and what it entails, I decided to join the project. This provided me with the opportunity to start a new business and associate myself with the larger purpose of serving the community. The entrepreneurship development training provided helped me improve my skills and confidence. Today, my average monthly income has increased to 15,000 to 20,000, and now I am planning of expanding my business by selling other new products that have been introduced by Ncourage.”

Impact 2019-20

Good Health & wellbeing

6,193 people covered under general healthcare (Mithapur)

8,549 Women directly benefitted – Holistic nutrition (In two phases - Barwani & Amravati)

9,975 Children directly benefitted – Holistic nutrition (In two phases - Barwani & Amravati)


1,521 Students covered through scholarships

11,425 Students covered through all programmes

Clean Water and Sanitation

201 units Toilets constructed

10,459 Families supported for drinking water