Our main focus is on Natural Resource Management & Environmental Conservation. Key programmes include land and water management activities, waste management, and preservation of biodiversity and mitigation of climate change impacts. The programmes are designed with a participatory approach along with inclusion of other partners who provide skills, knowledge, expertise and funds to enhance the effort and reach a larger number of people.

Natural Resource Management Biodiversity Conservation
Watershed development and Water management (Jal Dhan) Centre for Sustainable Conservation Action for the Protection of the Ecosystems of the Seas (C-SCAPES)
Soil and Land improvement  
Waste Management  

  • Natural Resource Management
    Every intervention under this pillar is aimed at enhancing economic opportunities through optimal utilization of natural resources, while also reducing negative impact on the environment through waste management.
  • Biodiversity Conservation
    The Mithapur region is known for its natural heritage including coral reefs, lush mangrove stands, turtle nesting beaches, wetlands, bird nesting sites and the scrub forests. TCSRD has been involved in biodiversity conservation initiatives for more than a decade now - protecting and preserving the local flora and fauna.
  • Centre for Sustainable Conservation Action for the Protection of the Ecosystem of the Seas (C-SCAPES)
    To commemorate the 150 years of the Tata Group, C-SCAPES (Centre for Sustainable Conservation Action for the Protection of the Ecosystems of the Seas) was launched with the objective of it becoming a national centre of excellence. C-SCAPES focuses on coastal and marine biodiversity conservation, while at the same time also looks at sustainable livelihoods based on the coastal and marine ecosystem.

Impact 2019-20

People sensitized

Mangroves planted
(Sundarban & Mithapur)

Whale sharks rescued

Ensuring Environmental Integrity
Shobhana Ashokbha Sumaniya

Name of Intervention: Waste Management
Name of Beneficiary: Shobhana Ashokbha Sumaniya
Location: Bhimrana, Jamnagar

“I am 29 years old and the sole earning member of my family which includes my parents, two children and a younger brother. Due to my father’s illness, the financial responsibilities of the family were on my shoulders. I heard about the recruitment in the dry waste management programme through an acquaintance, and once I applied, I was delighted to get the job. While my starting salary was Rs.7,000 per month, today it is Rs.9,000 which helps me take care of my entire family. Additionally, because of the job timings I am able to spend time with my family as well. Today. I am the president of the self-help group named Deep Jyoti.”

Name of Intervention: Integrated Water Management
Name of Beneficiary: Mohan Manaji Hadiyal
Location: Gaga, Jamnagar 

Mohan Manaji Hadiyal, 40, owns 12 acres of land and has been engaged in traditional farming for a very long time. Due to lack of knowledge and awareness regarding agriculture development practices his farm yield was low. In 2019, he took part in TCSRD’s awareness programme held in his village, which covered modern farming techniques. Through the programme he learned about different schemes and programmes introduced by the government, TCSRD and other institutions.

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